Bai Win Antiques Collection

Bai Win Collection

Established in 1976, Bai Win is one of the oldest and most renowned antique showrooms in Taiwan. Our furniture and accessories range from small wooden Buddhas to large porcelain and early ceramics, from baskets to furniture, from textiles to stone carvings, from antiques to reproductions, and offer an endless selection to the discerning buyer.


Frequent visits to our showroom are recommended as new pieces are continuously delivered from our warehouse and arranged tastefully in our showroom. Tours of our warehouse can be arranged upon request.


There is something for everyone at Bai Win Antiques, be it a special gift, an addition to the avid collector’s collection, a new piece for home decor, or an educational experience. Browsers are always welcome and those with a limited budget can still find treasures within their price range.


Of utmost importance to the novice collector unable to differentiate between an antique and a reproduction: we at Bai Win will inform you of the difference.


We welcome you to our showroom and hope you will find fulfillment while surrounded by elegance, beauty, and a taste of the exotic past.