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BaiWin Antiques has been importing the arts of Asia since 1973. Chinese antiques of the Han, Ming and Ch'ing: Furniture (both Antiques and Reproductions), Ceramics and Pottery, Bronzes, Carvings, Baskets, Boxes and other Collectibles. A full array of authentic Asian antiques ranging from furniture to boxes, baskets, porcelain, ceramics, pottery, doors, textiles, rugs, embroideries, carvings of all sizes and exquisite accesories and collectibles.

BaiWin invites retail clients, interior designers and wholesale buyers to browse our website or visit our showrooms in Taipei, Taiwan. Shown on the website are but a few of the antiques BaiWin has to offer. We have hundreds of pieces immediately available in our showrooms in Taiwan with well-stocked warehouses in Taipei, Taiwan and in China. know more...