No home is complete without a wide range of accessories to compliment the furniture and interior design of a room. These smaller furnishings are an intricate part of creating the look or feel in a room and include a vast selection of items from which to chose: Soft furnishings, paintings and prints, vases and jars, baskets, boxes, mirrors, carvings, and much more. Asian accessories in particular have proven to be marvelous additions to Western rooms with modern furniture, as is evident in many of the major home décor magazines in the market.


We at Bai Win understand the importance of accessorizing our furniture and have been avid collectors for years. We are continuously re arranging our showroom to create new themes or settings for our clients to enjoy and we welcome all to visit. If a particular item can’t be found in the showroom, we might very well have stored it in our warehouse, so please feel free to inquire.