Ceramic is a general term derived from a Greek word that means “pottery,” and describes any article made of natural clay hardened by heat. The color may be yellow, orange, red, terracotta, pink, grey or brown.


The tradition of ceramics has been with us for many millennia, and in many parts of the world. Asian, and in particular, Chinese ceramic art history, is one of the most ancient in the world. From Chinese Neolithic through Han and succeeding dynasties, ceramic ware (including the blue and white or polychrome glazes) have been, and continue to be, used to create artful vases, jars, boxes and many other objects.


The Bai Win Collection has a wide range of special ceramics, some of them simple and some gorgeously complex. We also have reproduction ceramics such as animals and character figurines, vases, jars, and more.


Please feel free to discuss with us as we guarantee complete honesty regarding the type, origin, and authenticity of all our items.